no bake mango mousse oreo tart
Mousse, No Baked Cheese Cake

No-Bake Mango Mousse Oreo Tarts

Mango mousse is a perfect summer dessert. Delicious mango puree is mixed with luscious silky cream and topped with mango chunks. No-bake tarts and filled with mango mousse make it more gourmet. The chocolatey Oreos are a perfect match for this mango mousse. Mango mousse is a perfect summer dessert. It’s a very delicious and […]

Thandai mousse
Dessert, Mousse

Thandai Mousse

A classic Italian dessert made with Indian Thandai flavors. Thandai mousse would be appropriate for occasions like Holi and other Indian festivals or get-togethers. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon readymade thandai masala 40 grams fresh cream 80 grams chopped white chocolate 1 cup whipped cream 1 teaspoon saffron water ΒΌ cup white chocolate ganache ( 40 grams […]

chocolate mousse
Dessert, Mousse

Chocolate Mousse Dessert

Chocolate Mousse recipe Chocolate mousse is simple but effective. Chocolate mousse is an edible foam, originating from France and most commonly eaten as a dessert. Chocolate mousse usually consists of eggs, sugar and chocolate and cream, and other flavorings. Chocolate mousse is a good source of calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B12, though it has […]