Mocktail, Quencher

Green Heaven

Green heaven recipe – Khus drink – mocktail recipe- How to make green heaven  Mocktails are generally the non alcoholic versions of popular cocktail. Khus syrup when combined with pineapple juice and lemon juice gives you so refreshing a drink that you will feel as if every cell in your body is rejuvenated by it. […]

Mocktail, Quencher

Paan Lemonade Mojito

Paan Lemonade Mojito Recipe – how to make Paan Lemonade mojito In north India lot of people enjoy having Meetha paan after dinner. As now lots of innovation is seen in food so just try to use the freshness of paan leaves with lemon. If you are paan lover then try this.. Serving for 2 […]

Mocktail, Quencher

Watermelon Mojito or Martha Stewart

Watermelon Mojito recipe, how to make watermelon mojito Watermelon is one of the most refreshing fruits we get in summer and in fact it adds an element of fun and coolness to the scorching summer days. Watermelon virgin mojito is a perfect summer special drink. This is an easy, quick, delicious summer drink. Ingredients: 2 cup […]